British Training Institute and IELTS Test Connection.

British Training Institute provides these CTTs, and it is applicable in all countries of the world, Most agencies need it when they the hiring for employment. Also, this test is required to upgrade the employee level in public and private sectors, enroll CTT in any country where is available.

Note: You cannot use CTT more than once. You have to apply again. There is no specific number of attempts, also there is a time between each test section.


CTT is divided into three sections only namely:
      • Listening
      • Reading
      • Writing

Specifications of the CTT and general rules:

  1. CTT is a very important training material for IELTS applicants.
  2. CTT increases your skills in the English language and makes sure that you are ready to enter the IELTS test, also preserves your money, and you can postpone the date of the IELTS test if you are not sure of your readiness to obtain the score which you are looking for, you can repeat at a nominal price more than once until You can fully prepare for the IELTS test.
  3. CTT contains three sections: reading, writing, and listening.
  4. CTT is in English only.
  5. CTT is computer-based only.
  6. You have to register for CTT at the Academy.
  7. CTT participants will receive a username and a password by email.
  8. Conduct the CTT in three parts.
  9. There is a supervisor in the experimental CTT hall to help with technical operations and how to use, not how to solve questions.
  10. CTT hall is different from the IELTS halls.
  11. CTT fee is 75 dirhams, to be paid in advance.
  12. CTT can be carried out in your office, home, or anywhere you wish, but the student bears the misuse and user errors.
  13. Results of CTT can be seen in the system after 3 hours from the completion of the questions of the 3 sections of CTT.
  14. The student can use the three sections once only, not permissible to use it again or repeat any section of it.
  15. An individual student has the right to apply for CTT more than once per day or at any time commensurate with his circumstances, each time the student bears the CTT fee, which is 75 AED or its equivalent in foreign currencies for those outside the United Arab Emirates.
  16. The Academy is not responsible for the CTT result that the student got it, an advanced result, a low result, or otherwise.
  17. CTT Student results do not connect to the results of the IELTS test, there are no connections between the two tests, CTT is considered a type of training to help the students to be qualified and ready for the IELTS test.
  18. It is not necessary for the participant of the CTT to submit any document proving his identity, only the name of the applicant, his mobile number, and the valid email of the applicant are required.
  19. CTT applicant is required to know how to use a computer, especially Microsoft Word.
  20. There is a controller or supervisor in the CTT hall.
  21. The duration of the CTT is two and a half hours, one hour for reading, an hour for writing, and half an hour for listening.
  22. If the Applicant decides to do the exam out of the academy, he can choose to perform, the implementation order of the CTT sections is not required, the applicant has a choice in which section can start, and the three sections can be implemented on different days, each separately.
  23. In the CTT hall, three sections are carried out in one day, similar to the IELTS test.
  24. CTT time can’t paused if the tests have started.
  25. The test taker has the right to leave the CTT hall at any time he wants, and the academy is not responsible for losing the rest of the test.

For More Information:

For more information about the IELTS tests, and to register IELTS tests, please contact the academy’s toll free phone 800 28 4747 or the academy’s landline number +971 6 568 7222 or Ms. Lea’s mobile number +971 52 644 3661 or the following email: ielts@discuae.com