Customer service in BTI are intended to help you significantly improve
the quality of service in your inquiry and, as a result, significantly improve
our competitive position among other institutions , because the quality
of customer service largely determines the choice of a candidate in
conditions where products and services are of the same type or very


Customer service is the support you offer BTI — both before and after
they register and use our training or services — that helps them have an
easy, enjoyable experience with BTI courses. But BTI customer service is
more than solving a candidate problems and registration. Today,
customer service in BTI means delivering proactive and immediate
support to candidate anytime on the channel of their choice — phone,
email, text, chat, and more.


BTI,s Customer service is so important that it is now considered a
strategic function for organizations across industries. All of BTI candidate
say BTI service views them as candidates advocates and BTI