About Course

This is a practical course for students who are still developing fluency in written and spoken English, and who wish to improve their expression in the context of business communications. The course is designed for students whose first language is not English. Common business documents are studied, as well as grammar, syntax and style.

Aim to

  • Produce a range of common workplace documents
  • Recognise and correct common mistakes in grammar, expression, syntax and tone
  • Prepare and deliver coherently and logically argued written material
  • Critically evaluate their own and others’ written materials
  • Engage productively and respectfully with their peers
  • Recognise and apply transferable skills in other university courses and in professional contexts beyond the university

Course Content

We have individual (private class one on one), group classes, morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Every day classes available. You may inquire through any of our training coordinator, plan ahead and start your career with us.

  • Introduction
  • Grammar: introduction; Business Letters
  • Grammar Workshop; Emails
  • Report structure, intro to literature reviews
  • Literature review structure
  • Reference list: styles and conventions
  • Job Application
  • Course Consolidation and Revision; Exam
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