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System of study and training:

The system used in the training program is the distance learning system using the Zoom platform, because this system allows freedom of communication and movement. The lecturer also relies on a study plan and the student meets with his supervisor directly online, and each student submits a research draft related to the subject he studied. There is also a method. The professional assessment is proportional to the need for knowledge and the student’s benefit from what qualifies him to enter the world of legal translation with confidence.


Training methodology:

The training methodology uses a combination of interactive training techniques such as presentations, case studies and group exercises to apply the knowledge gained.

The required documents:

    • A copy of your ID card or passport
    • Photograph
    • A copy of the latest academic qualification


The center includes five divisions and linguistic centers:

    • English Language Division
    • Division for teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers
    • Foreign Languages Division
    • Translation Division
    • Writing center

This institute employs a number of teachers with qualifications and experience in the field of teaching the English language. The institute operates in accordance with the laws and standards of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates. Here we urge all students studying at the institute to take advantage of the opportunity of their presence at the institute to achieve the maximum possible degree of proficiency in the English language.
To achieve these goals, the director of the institute and its teachers work to create appropriate conditions for students and provide academic assistance to them while they are in one of the institute’s departments.


Program objective:-
The training program aims to qualify its participants to work in translation departments and departments. The importance of this program stems from the vital role that translation plays in communication and overcoming language barriers and the increasing need for professional practical programs to supply the labor market with qualified translators in various fields.


Program beneficiaries:

To enroll in the training diploma in translation, it is necessary to have good abilities in the Arabic and English languages. The categories that benefit from this program include: Those who wish to pursue translation between Arabic and English as a promising profession for them. Translators working in translation departments in public and private institutions or employees expected to move to such departments are graduates of institutes and universities from all specializations.

program duration:
Nine months (003) specialized training hours.

Training language:
Arabic and English

The translation Instructors consists of qualified trainers with distinguished experience in this field.

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